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kinderwerkI have been working with textiles since childhood. I began by making bears and, after a few years, my mother suggested that I make a bear quilt. Patchwork didn’t interest me at all at first, but, after I had finished the bear, I was hooked! I made all the other animals from the book ‘Quilt a Koala’ by Margaret Rolfe and the first quilt was born.

After this, many quilts followed, in different styles, techniques, colours, sizes and patterns.  The feel and colour of fabric has always inspired me.

I try to combine traditional and modern techniques. I like to work with lots of different colours and patterns. I supplement shop-bought fabrics with ones that I have designed myself.

For the last few years I have specialised in the ‘raw edge’ application technique. The small quilts that I make in this way are based on photographs and often have a city or typically Dutch theme. These quilts are stretched over a wooden frame and so are easy to hang up.

As well as quilts, I make all sorts of other textile products such as cushions, notebookcovers, scarves and pouches.

kleine quilt

 Eerste Quilt

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