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On my website you can find quilts, cushions, notebooks, decorations, cards and so on.
I have made all of the products myself and, as a result, they are unique. To keep up to date with all the news from Quiltshop Andrea you can follow me on Facebook and Pinterest.

The easiest way is to order driectly in my Etsy shop, here you can pay in many different ways.

The products on the website are always in stock (unless otherwise stated) and so can usually be delivered immediately. Most products can be made to your personal specification (for example you could change the colour or the size). I’ll be happy to give you details.

Alll prices include BTW/ VAT. Shipping costs are not included in the prices.

In the shop House of Vermeer Markt 52 in Delft you can also buy quilts, notebooks, passportholders, cards and pencil cases. The Crafters' Studio, arts and design in Wassenaar (Langstraat 23) sells also a selection of my products. 

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Quiltshop Andrea
Andrea de Jong
+31 (0)6-11077471
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